Lawsuit Loans, Canada Wide, in as little as 24 hours!

Lawsuit Loans helps relieve the financial burden that can accompany a lawsuit by providing cash funding now. Lawsuits can be a long process and as everyone knows the bills don’t wait! Lawsuit Loans allows you to hold out for a fair settlement avoiding the problem of settling too early, for too little. Funding now may also assist you in getting needed medical treatment; speeding your recovery.

We can provide cash advances in the following kinds of cases:

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death – motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death or any other serious injury case may qualify for funding.

Divorce & Estate Matters – you can receive cash against your pending firm property settlement or inheritance.

If your case qualifies a loan can usually be processed very quickly. It’s comforting to know that if for some reason you lose your case no repayment is required. As your case moves along there are no monthly payments – we are repaid from the proceeds of your lawsuit.

We provide lawsuit loans for personal injury plaintiffs and well as in qualified Divorce and Estate matters. Funding can be provided in as little as 24 hours in many cases.


Other features of our advances:

  • Repay us ONLY if you win your case
  • Great rates – Shop and Compare
  • No credit checks
  • No employment verification required
  • No monthly payments, we are repaid when your case settles
  • Funds directly deposited into your bank account in most cases
  • A simple, easy to understand, application process
  • Friendly, courteous service
  • Complete confidentiality